Items for sale

I rarely undertake private commissions. This site is purely to give me an "Internet presence" in addition to my normal work. The items on this page are for sale. Please note, prices do not include postage. Due to the fact that most of my work involves points, blades, and projectile-propelling devices, all initial contact is via e-mail. Customers for items which could be considered dangerous must be over 18 years of age.


The Musso-inspired brass-backed Bowie knife seen at the top of the page.

Hand-forged, triple-shear steel blade 14" x 3" with a brass back, mild steel guard and red deer antler grip.  Comes complete with heavy duty veg tan leather sheath.

£720 SOLD

Knife  3" blade, everyday carry, olive-wood handle.

This view shows the fine file detailing on the spine of the handle.

Scottish basket-hilt sword. SOLD