Featured items

Each month I'll feature one of my creations, and talk more about the methods I used to create it, the history and the finished product.  Some of the featured works will be for sale, and this kind of information is what will be available to potential purchasers.



My main body of work has led me to research into trade weapons used by the native American Indian, like the original pipehawk head pictured here.


A "must" for any blacksmith/ enthusiast interested in this history is the book "American Indian tomahawks" by Harold. L. Peterson. It not only shows the many different types and native "customisations" but also gives details in how they were made.


The pipehawk head I have forged (pictured below) is modelled on two in the book, and it is also very similar to one on display in the McCord Museum in Canada.  I'll update this news as I progress with the fitting of the shaft and complete the decoration.


I have used the correct C18th/C19th materials and methods in its construction. I have varied the design a little (along with etching in my trademark) to identify it as a modern interpretation.