Magnus Sigurdsson Hardradi: historian and armourer

Not quite the norm!

With my range of historical knowledge, my expertise rooted in traditional craftsmanship and my use of today's technologies, I create high-quality items of skilled workmanship.



As well as faithfully following history as closely as possible in my use of materials and construction techniques from many different ages, I cheerfully embrace modern technologies and materials, when the design requires them. I do not, though, use modern methods and materials for historical pieces. The feel and soul of a genuine article can never quite be replaced, but in using the same materials and construction methods a modern piece can be imbued with a little soul of its own.


I do on the other hand make the most of CAD technology, laser cutters and CNC machines when the need arises. This type of technological aid is incredibly useful in the design of mechanisms and gearing systems - it helps keep the production costs down and the finished article affordable!


I am also intrigued by "speculative history", in other words, by trying to  formulate designs and machines that ancient writers tell us about, but for which there is no physical evidence or accurate description.


Another one of my interests is the realm of "alternative histories", where we can speculate on countless "what if" designs, such as the current popular interest in Steampunk.  My work has led me to these alternative histories in many time zones, producing such things as European-style repeating and collapsible "pistol" crossbows, torsion-powered longbows and electronic railguns using Victorian technology.