About me

I have now been recreating past technologies for over 30 years. I try to study the past by sticking as closely as possible to original materials and working techniques. These methods, of course, have to be tempered to modern health and safety regulations, and to the materials currently available. I have in the past smelted my own iron and created my own different types of steel. I have dabbled in bronze composition and casting techniques, as well as flint and glass knapping. I have, through necessity, become proficient in many of the ancillary crafts needed to support iron and steel creations, and work proficiently with wood, leather, horn and bone.

Concept and design

Using history, (often with a "twist") and mechanical, I design such items as character-enhancing weapons and accessories, full-size siege machines and transportation devices.

Historically-based weapons tend to handle better, even when reproduced in foam or aluminium, and have - pardon the pun - an ‘edgier’ appearance.

The ability to make both models and full-size machines helps with designing.  Those who have worked from computer-generated designs or models, will understand that both do not always work when brought to full size , so having a designer that understands "big" can be a tremendous advantage.